NOTE:  We are implementing / integrating an ONLINE booking and scheduling system.


All rates and schedules are online to let you book anytime! 


See our HOME PAGE for the link to the website. 




Scott and Jenna Short Stay offers competitive rates for all seasons. We make your dream vacation or other short stay in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Minnesota affordable.  

Remember, always check the page "Last Minute Deals - Special Packages - Special Services" or call or email to find out if a last-minute or other specials may lower these rates!   


January through April

Weekdays $49 to $325 / day
Weekends (Usually 30% increase) $69 to $475 / day
Weekly $397 to $1975 / week
Monthly $990 to $5900 / month
(As little as $33/day!)


April through September to the Holidays

Weekdays $75 to $325 / day
Weekends (Usually 30% increase) $99 to $475 / day
Weekly $560 to $2075 / week
Monthly $1590 to $5900 mo.
(As little as $57/day!)

So How Do I Reserve My Space?

First... Choose the space you love


Second give us a call to confirm availability and get your firm quote; or, as mentioned above, reserve through our online site. 


Third you can use credit cards / PayPal for your partial or fully prepaid rental fee and your refundable deposits


Fourth we furnish a Booking Confirmation and Rental Agreement for your records.  (We will email a custom agreement to sign and/or give you the password for the page.  Mutually exchanged emails after the date of booking change the terms of the agreement.)   


Fifth pack for your stay!


Additional information...


In general a Rental Fee Deposit of 50% to 100% of the occupancy cost, departure cleaning fee and taxes is required at the time of booking; reservations are confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.   (Note we also have _refundable_ damage, key, excess cleaning deposits)


Your stay must be paid in full prior to arrival. 


Every space is different!  So vacancies/cancellations are difficult. :-(


If you need to cancel or change your reservation, be sure to let us know _as_soon_as_possible.


Your deposit is unconditionally refunded up to 28 days prior to your stay. 


Within 28 days, cash (credit card / PayPal) refunds depend on re-renting the unit. 


Within 28 days, if we are unable to re-rent your unit, you have a credit that can be used as payment applied to 100% of any future stay at any rate for the next 36 months. 


Check-in time is 4 PM, check-out 10 AM, unless prior arrangements are made.   (We don't mind early check-ins, as long as we will have time to prepare your space after the earlier guests' check-out.)


We accept all major credit cards, PayPal money order and personal and electronic check.  (Checks must be received more than 28 days prior to arrival.)


Security  Key / Damage Deposits can be credit card authorizations instead of "cash", credit card charges or PayPal deposits.


By reserving with us, you agree to the "House Rules".  (Call us for access / info.)

Questions? Just Contact Us.


Making a reservation couldn't be easier.

Just give us a call at 612-701-0900 or 612-759-1022. 

Our phone hours are generally 9 AM to 9 PM, email sjshortstay@gmail.com anytime!


Email sjshortstay@gmail.com today to reserve your short stay for your family vacation, remodeling need, or business travel here in Minneapolis and St. Paul Metropolitan Area in  Minnesota.


You can also request accommodations directly via our website.


Go to our online form to contact us now. 


Let us know how many guests there will be, and how many beds you will need. 


Also whether you have pets.  What would you like to be near?  


What do you need in your space?  Just a place to sleep while you visit attractions, shop, etc.?  Or a place where you can entertain? 


The more details you give us of arrival, departure and desired space or requirements, the more responsive we can be.   


Thanks for considering us! 

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Call 4 Last Minute Deals...! & Special Packages & Services!


Scott and Jenna Short Stay

offers spaces for you from

Minneapolis to the Lakes in Minnesota


612-701-0900 or 612-759-1022

E-mail: sjshortstay@gmail.com


Current Specials (All subject to change without notice, do not apply to previously booked stays, holiday dates, etc.):


#A LAST MINUTE DEAL - Lake Minnetonka #39 is available for discount stays between some reservations.  Call for info!


#B SPECIAL PACKAGE - Special Delivery, ask for flowers and gift basket ready in your space for any romantic vacation stay!

#C LAST MINUTE DEAL -  3BR 1 ba Units, Unlimited Stay at $99 per night.  Limited Availability. (Between Existing Reservations, ask about which spaces can qualify.)


We accept all credit cards, PayPal, electronic check, standard check (far enough in advance, limitations apply).

For more information or to make a reservation now, you can also use our online form.

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News & Events


Click below for local events and news from Scott and Jenna about the Minneapolis / St. Paul / Minnesota area and available Short Stay Spaces.


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